Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs Review Marijuana The mind altering drug in Marijuana.

Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs Review
The mind altering drug in Marijuana.
THC is stored in the body – where?
Drug can be detected in the body for how many days
The first and most frequently used illegal drug.
Heavy marijuana use leads to what kind of dependency.
Depresses the central nervous system and slows the body processes.
The mind altering chemical in cocaine.
Initially stimulates the central nervous system and elevates the body processes.
Freebase cocaine is injected or smoked
Crack is cocaine in smokable form.
Death from cocaine overdose happens usually within minutes.
The organ most sensitive to alcohol.
The liver removes alcohol from the blood by this process.
Alcohol is detoxified from the liver at what rate?
The oldest and most abused drug in the world.
The intoxicating ingredient in alcohol.
What helps a person sober up?
100% alcohol is the strongest poison. What proof?
Carbonation and absorption.
Blood alcohol level that is over the legal limit to drive.
How alcohol is carried to all parts of the body.
The chemical substances in cigarettes?
What constricts blood vessels, cutting down the flow of blood?
Largest preventable cause of illness and death in the country & single cause of cancer deaths.
What the lungs are deprived of.
Smoking deadens taste buds and reduces the sense of smell.
Club drugs
GHB and its common name
A cat tranquilizer.
The evil intention of date rape drugs.
Drugs not approved for prescription use.
The street name for Rohypnol.
Physical properties of club drugs.