TOYS 'R' US - P.i.i.m.t.

by Sofia Abounnaim
The company
TOYS ‘R’ US is one of the world’s largest toy retailers. It sells its
merchandise through more than 1500 retail outlets with 685 toy
stores in the U.S, a further 605 toy stores overseas, and 216
BABIES ‘R’ US stores.
How the company started
Charles Lazarus began a business for children only in 1948,
when he set up a baby furniture store in Washington, DC. In
1957, Lazarus opened the first toy supermarket, and in 1978
TOYS ‘R’ US became a public company.
Recent events
In 2001, the company opened its flagship store in Times Square,
New York. Although, it has recently lost its number one position
in the U.S to Wal-Mart, it has significantly expanded its video
merchandising in the U.S stores and has evolved into an $11
billion business.
What it is doing now
TOYS ‘R’ US is currently trying to regain its number one
position from Wal-Mart by focusing on a new venture, BABIES
‘R’ US. It is working hard to make it the number one baby
product specialist chain store in the world.