The Stranger Pt 2 Ch123 Discussion Questions

The Stranger
Part Two Ch.1-3 Discussion Questions
1. Why does Meursault’s lawyer ask questions about Maman’s funeral? Do these
questions pertain to his case at all?
2. What emerges as the relationship between Meursault and the legal system
(lawyer, magistrate, etc.) in the early pages of the chapter?
3. What changes occur to Meursault’s position as a watcher and how does this
contribute to the self-awareness he reached previously in the novel?
4. The courtroom reporter has mentioned that Meursault’s case has been “blown
up.” What does that say about the relationship between an individual and
5. How does temperature play a role in this chapter (think about previous scenes in
the novel)?
6. What is significant about the courtroom confusion in the first half of the chapter?