Figurative Language Worksheet

Figurative Language Worksheet
Identify Figurative Language
Directions: We have discussed and worked with five types of figurative
language, onomatopoeia, alliteration, personification, similes, and metaphors.
In the following examples please identify which figurative language is being
used and if it is a simile or metaphor explain what two subjects are being
compared. Yes some use more than one type, and you must identify all types.
EX: Her skin was as clear as porcelain. SIMILE (skin and porcelain)
1. The man snaked through the crowd.
2. The cat’s eyes were like emeralds.
3. The swimmer’s arm sliced through the water with a soft swishing sound.
4. The door banged against the wall.
5. Snow’s icy cold fingers crept down my back.
6. Jane is as light as a feather.
7. Creamy and crunchy peanut butter spread easily on the crackers.
8. The man zigzagged through the traffic in his Porsche.
9. His stinky socks sat smelled like a skunk had sprayed the room.
10. Snow is cottony dandelion seeds.
Rewriting Figurative Language
Directions: The following sentences are all similes and metaphors. If the
sentence is a simile change it into a metaphor. If the sentence is a
metaphor change it into a simile.
EX: Her skin is as clear as porcelain.
Her skin is porcelain.
11. Her hair is as soft as silk.
12. The stadium was a ghost town after the Timberwolves game ended.
13. Like a contented cat, the baby curled up and fell asleep.
14. Her skin was peach fuzz soft.
15. The young girl’s tears were a river of sadness, because her boyfriend
broke up with her.
16. The moon was like a bright nightlight outside of my window.
17. Ms. Nohr’s coffee was like molasses.
III. Writing Figures of Speech
Directions: In the following items, you will need to write a sentence that
uses the figurative language that the item asks.
EX: Alliteration
The spaghetti sauce simmered on the stove.
18. Personification
19. Onomatopoeia
20. Alliteration
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