Figurative Language Flip Book

Figurative Language Flip Book
•Use 4 pieces
of paper
•Fold each so
that there is
about ½ inch
as you add to
the stack.
____________________ ‘s
Figurative Language Flip Book
*on top flap
On each flap:
•Three (3) example sentences
•Three (3) illustrations
A simile is a sentence
comparing two things by the
use of like or as.
1. The pale moon was as white as a ghost.
2. The baby was like an octopus, grabbing at all the cans on
the grocery store shelves.
3. The wave tossed me like a drop of dew over the deck of
the boat.
4. Surfing is like riding the back of a gigantic, charging bull.
Just staying on is a thrill.
5. Playing chess with Ashley is like trying to outsmart a
6. Her blonde curls felt as soft as a kitten’s fur.
A metaphor is a sentence in which
you are comparing two things
without using like or as.
1. The marshmallow is a big puffy pillow.
2. The giant’s steps were thunder as he ran toward
3. The ship became a mere toy to the elements of
the rough ocean.
4. Everywhere I looked I saw mountains of rare
goods piled high.
5. My legs were anchors after running the two mile
This is giving human qualities or powers to an
animal, object, a natural force, or an idea.
1. The butterflies spent the afternoon frolicking in the field.
2. The tree showed bravery by withstanding the wind storm.
3. The tall grass energetically waved in the wind.
4. The microwave timer told me it was time to eat my TV dinner.
5. The camera lens observed the whole crime scene.
6. The car engine coughed and sputtered as it made its way
down the drive.
A comparison of two things or ideas that
illustrates a relationship between the two.
1. Learning to walk after my accident was like learning to ride
a bike for the first time.
2. Everyone being able to share ideas during the classroom
discussion was like making a tossed salad.
3. Though I was in fact climbing into the air, I felt as though I
were swimming against a rising river tide because the wind
and rain was so strong.
4. The booming voice that came over the intercom was like
an emergency warning being shouted from the tallest tower
in the town’s square, one that made everyone stop an
This is a sound word used in as a sentence or
within a sentence.
Listen to the fire crackle in the dark.
Don't forget to flush the toilet.
Dave whooshed down the hill on his skis.
The bee buzzed over my head.
The angry cat hissed at me to stop tormenting her.
An idiom means something different
than what the words actually imply.
1. She sure let the cat out of the bag about the surprise party!
2. Your brother is just trying to get your goat by teasing you.
3. I’ve never been water skiing but it is time to take the bull by
the horns.
4. Sometimes my mother can be as stubborn as a mule when
it comes to letting me hang out with my friends.
5. Make sure and have all your ducks in a row before you
leave for the weekend.
6. My bratty little sister sure knows how to drive me up the
A figure of speech which shows extreme
1. I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!
2. With all of this homework, my backpack weighs a ton.
3. That joke was so funny I nearly died laughing!
4. She told us some earth-shattering news that she learned
from a friend.
5. It seems that each and every time I go to the grocery store
they are always out of fresh grapes.
6. I would never watch a scary movie! Not in a million years!