Study Guide

Latin II
Stage 25 Test Outline
Nōmen ________________
Pars Prima:
I. lege fabulam novam!
II. Short answer questions (in English) about what happened in the story- answer
in English
III. Multiple choice grammar questions about the story
Things to review:
what degree? what type of participle? what tense? what case?
IV. Matching culture terms (weapons, equipment, etc) with their definitions
V. Short-answer free response English questions about major concepts from the
life of the Roman soldier reading. You will be given a list of questions
and will pick several to answer.
Pars Secunda:
I. Multiple choice questions about the stage 25 stories- Latin questions, Latin
II. Formation of the subjunctive: With a word-bank of principal parts, I will give
you an English verb phrase and you will give the corresponding Latin
subjunctive form—review subjunctive formation rules and endings; review
verb vocabulary and meanings from recent chapters
III. Select the correct Latin translation for a English indirect question- what tense
indicative verb do you need in the main clause? what tense subjunctive verb
do you need in the indirect question?
IV. Translate Latin indirect questions into English- review verbs of asking,
question words, etc.
Verbs of Asking:
Question Words: