Role of ABP15 gene in growth and development of Arabidopsis plants

Ph.D. position open
Role of blue light photoreceptors in plant sensitivity to
abiotic stress
The project deals with problems how blue light influences responses of plants to tolerate abiotic stress (salt, osmotic, water, or temperature
stress). We previously revealed that mutants in Arabidopsis with defect in blue light signaling are tolerant to osmotic stress. Similarly, tomato
mutant 7B-1 affected in phototropin signaling pathway shows blue light-specific tolerance to salt and osmotic stress. The aim of the Ph.D.
project is to find out mechanisms by which blue light and its specific receptors are involved in plant responses to various abiotic stresses. To
investigate link between blue light and stress signaling, student will use a genetic approach based on physiological, molecular and biochemical
characterization of mutants with defects in blue light perception and signal transduction.
Group of Molecular Physiology ( at the Laboratory of Growth Regulators, Palacky University
in Olomouc in Czech Republic, is seeking students for Ph.D. position in plant molecular physiology. Master degree in
plant physiology, plant molecular biology or plant biochemistry is required. To apply, please send your resume and the
names of two referees by March 31, 2013, to Dr. Martin Fellner e-mail: [email protected] .