Personal Monologue Project

Personal Monologue Project
Theatre Arts – Mrs. Grazer
This is another introductory opportunity for you to be in front of the class. Please keep in
mind, that as an actor in Drama, you spend most of your time alone in front of the class.
The contents of your monologue are simple: to introduce yourself and who you are. How
do you do this?
 Use who, what where, when, and why to illustrate these points:
- Where were you born?
- Where have you lived?
- Who’s in your immediate family?
- What is your residence like?
- How is your room decorated?
- Do you have pets?
- What are your hobbies?
- Do you have a funny story?
- Have you met any celebrities?
- Who are your heroes?
- Are there any sad things that you would like to share?
 You may add to this list or use other ideas not suggested – just get my approval
The delivery (how the piece is performed) should be like you are talking, not reading.
 In Drama, we will continuously explore what it means to be “in character”.
- Acting means becoming someone else for a while.
- To be believable onstage means committing to being that other person.
- In this exercise, your task, in relation to being “in-character”, is that you
must be yourself, you must appear to be talking to the audience and not
just reading off the list to them.
- In short, your monologue must be performed as a natural-looking speech
to the class and should not sound like you are reading from a paper.
*Relax, and try to look natural.*
- Your monologue must be memorized.
- Your monologue should be at least two minutes when performed.
- You must turn in a type-written or hand-written print copy of what you are
going to say.
- Flip over to see grading rubric.