Climate Summit hosts Forum on Community Climate Action through

Media Alert
17 June 2013
Climate Summit hosts Forum on Community Climate Action through the
Media and the Law
Australia’s Climate Action Summit will be hosting a forum in the lead up to its annual
Summit, held this year in Sydney.
Location: NSW Parliament House Theatrette
Time: 6-8pm
Key participants:
Larissa Waters – Qld Greens Senator and Environmental Lawyer
Jane Rawson – Energy and Environment Editor, The Conversation
Graham Readfearn – Freelance journalist
Michelle Maloney – Lawyer and National Convenor of Australian Wild Law Alliance
Background information:
Australia’s Climate Action Summit will make its Sydney City debut this year, starting
on 21 June as above and continuing at the Blackwattle Bay Campus of the Sydney
Secondary College in Glebe on the 22nd and 23rd of June.
The Summit aims to bring together community members concerned about fossil fuel
related pollution and climate change, to fight back against climate change denial and
the damaging impacts on our air, land and water of the fossil fuel industry. The
Summit will also discuss attacks on the price on carbon pollution.
Previous Climate Action Summits have been held in Canberra, Melbourne and
Western Sydney. The Canberra and Parramatta Summits were each attended by
nearly 500 people, called on the Rudd Government to implement serious climate
change policy and resulted in a ‘climate emergency’ human chain outside
Parliament House.
Photo opportunity:
There will be opportunity for media to photograph the event, as well as interview
participants and panelists afterwards.
Media Contact:
Neha Madhok
Assistant Organiser (Media and Publicity) l M: 0424 595 626 l E:
[email protected]
Annie Nielsen
Lead Organiser for Climate Action Summit I M: 0425 265 169
E: [email protected]
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