Freshmen Vocabulary Review Units 9-15

Freshmen Vocabulary Review Units 9-15
Unit 9
1. What serves as an auxiliary to the President?
2. How was his candid apology for stealing the woman's car proven false?
3. Did the excitement for his new job die down when he discovered the small size of
his new cubicle?
4. Was your day at work a drudgery or a walk in the park?
5. Was Ben Franklin or Sam Adams the American envoy to France during the
6. Did the skirmish escalate into something more serious?
7. What would be an expedient survival tool?
8. Have you ever feigned being sick to stay home from school?
9. What would an artist have a flair for?
10.What would be a grievous moment in someone's life?
Word Bank:
1. A box of chocolates is ______________ because you never know what's in it.
2. Mufasa was killed when he fell into a ____________ of stampeding gazelles.
3. Though he was ____________ to turn to the dark side, Luke Skywalker
4. There are many _________ in the play, Romeo and Juliet spoken by the
5. He_______ The person's name into the gravestone.
6. He was so_________ when he heard of the news that he didn't even
acknowledge it.
7. A weather forecast can also be known as a ________________
8. The crack in the pipe caused a loud ___________
9. The look of the homeless man was dirty and ______________
10. The mouse was startled by the noise and ____________ out of the room.
Unit 10
1. Who is someone you know that is adept at something?
2. Have you ever aspired to do something in your life?
3. Have you ever felt bleak before?
4. Have you ever been chided for something you didn't do?
5. What is an example of despicable behavior?
6. Do you believe that someone who is diminutive can be better than someone who
is bigger and more muscular?
7. What people did Abraham Lincoln emancipate?
8. How hard is it to read an erroneous paper?
9. Have you ever exploited a friend’s weakness to convince them to do something?
10. What is something you have said extemporaneously?
Fill in the blanks
11. During the match, the wrestler permanently ____________ his opponent's
12. She was _____________ during her winning streak, until she was defeated.
13. The __________ flower looked very weak with no sun.
14. After days of rain, my backyard became a flood of _______________.
15. Her bad attitude was __________ during the conversation.
16. At the graduation, my sister's ___________ to her speech was very
17. The judge ____________ the suspects guilty.
18. I had a very hard time trying to climb the __________ mountain
19. Her alibi during the time of the crime is very ___________.
20. Her ___________ presentation failed to impress the buyers.
Unit 11
Word Bank- enlightened
garble demure
depreciation brevity forestall
1. The student was marked down for the _________ of his essay because it was
only a paragraph long.
2. We were told to ___________ because we represented our school on the class
3. My grandfather doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's __________ and
extremely meaningful.
4. Although the girl's __________ made her seem unfriendly, when you get to know
her she is actually very outgoing.
5. I really wanted new sperry's, so i was going to wait for them to __________ ,but
they only got more expensive.
6. After owning the same pair of shoes for three year they began to __________.
7. After years of waited and after 3 engagements, my Aunt finally ___________ that
she was planning her wedding.
8. The principal gladly __________ my parents on my bad behavior in school.
9. I __________ a bad grade on finals by studying all week.
10. Through the rumor chain, we found out the Mary has the flu, but the massage
was so ________ that the original message was that Mary was getting her ears
11. Who was the person in the company that was the main proponent in the
business proposal?
12. Whose voice quavered when they were scared by the ghost?
13. Why did Lexi recoil when she saw a clown?
14. How did he recoup after his broken bone?
15. Why does milk reek when it goes bad?
16.Why was the Math teacher so relentless while grading their tests?
17. What animals live in a rivulet?
18. What did Julia squander her monthly paycheck on?
19.Was Josh's piano piece staccato or smooth?
20. What kind of person breaks a statute?
Unit 12
1. Who is the autocratic leader of the United States?
2. Why did the girls face become blanch?
3. What is the name of that brawny man over there?
4. What was the final score after the two teams contended?
5. Who is the most humane person you know?
6. What is the most laborious work that you have ever had to do?
7. What organization helps maltreated animals?
8. What kinds of snakes are venomous?
9. Why is it important for the ballerina to be so lithe?
10. Which two sports are you pondering playing next year?
1. The man had on an __________ amount of cologne on.
2. The team made a __________ effort to beat the defending champions.
3. When he swore at god it was a pure act of __________.
4. Michael Jordan had one of the most ___________ sports careers in history.
5. When I didn't clean my room for the second week in a row, my mom said it was
6. Talking back to your parents is considered __________.
7. When the new treaty was signed, many people had __________ feelings.
8. There are very few baseball fields with ___________ grass.
9. Alaska is cold while the northwest is __________.
10. The __________ student called in sick to get an extra day to study.
Unit 13
1. Why did the race feel ad infinitum?
2. How come the waitress didn’t apportion our menus?
3. What made the boyfriend so bona fide?
4. Why are ducks buoyant?
5. How come cliques always seem to have malicious girls?
6. In what way did the defendant coincide during the trial?
7. What ways was the lacrosse player congenial toward his teammates?
8. Is there any way I can get the lofty apartment?
9. Why do birds migrate in the winter?
10. How do scouts perceive players?
1. Mary was __________ and didn’t listen to her parents no matter how many times
they reprimanded her.
2. The _______ of the play was intriguing and had a hook.
3. The expired food in the back of the cabinet was ________.
4. Dan was _______ when talking when talking to the pretty girl; he lacked grace
and sophistication.
5. When cutting the vegetables, Rebecca ________ her fingered in half.
6. The idea to maintain the greenhouse was _________ because of how old it is as
well as all the mold and bacteria it has inside of it.
7. Ever since Julia and her boyfriend started dating, her grades have been
8. Samantha isn't ____________ in many sports.
9. Mrs. Smith ____________ her client in the trial.
10. It is a shame a majority of the homeless population in America live in such
__________ conditions.
Unit 14
Fill in the blank
1. The guillotine was used
The heads of France's enemies.
2. A good friend should be a
3. The heat can
for his friends.
you so make sure you drink plenty of water.
4. The defendant’s alibi
him for any charges.
5. His project was so
we could tell he did it before school
6. Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor
the U.S.A. To war.
7. Even though Juliet had been "dead", she didn't have
8. The double black diamond was
9. After our fight, I wanted to
10. The poor man’s clothes were
but he spurned my request
having withstood many
1. Why did Germany want to annex the Sudetenland?
Why did all the kids love the cordial teacher?
Why was Vietnam such a debacle?
Why did USA embroil itself in WW1?
Why must a businessman be glib when talking?
Why did his presentation look improvised?
When did the influx of immigrants hit USA
Why is a pedigree important for noblemen in the Middle Ages?
How did Russia's profuse amount of troops defeat Hitler?
Why did the guard shackle the prisoner?
Unit 15
1. What was the lion’s quarry?
2. What machine lets us probe the bottom of the sea?
3. Give an example of an act of liberalizing.
4. What did the boorish girl do at the fancy restaurant that got her kicked out?
5. Did you believe the dubious boy’s story?
6. How long has the volcano been dormant?
7. Did she feel impenitent after she broke your window?
8. Were the legion of men successful in the battle?
9. How did the two combatants settle their differences?
10. How did the bully abase the young boy?
Fill in the blank
actuate brunt harangue harry knave protract spurn subterfuge avert plaintiff
11. Martin Luther King Jr _________ the crowd with his " I have a dream" speech.
12. She _______ her eyes off the road for only a second but ended up hitting a
13. Seaside heights took the ______ of hurricane Sandy.
14. The teacher ___________ her students after they misbehaved with the
15. In order to get gold and goods, the Vikings __________ each other to plunder
nearby villages.
16. The _______ in the 1st grade class switched the icing with glue.
17. The _____________ won the lawsuit.
18. The teacher ___________ her lesson by going into depth on the subject.
19. The popular girl _______ the nerdy boy when he asked her to prom.
20. Her fever was a _____________ to get out of playing the game.