Co-founded in 1960 by Mr. K.F. Hartwell and S.C. Alldritt, ECCO has established
itself as the largest manufacturer and supplier of sheet metal products in
Canada. Our product is then distributed through factory authorized distributors in
Canada, the U.S.A. and Internationally.
More than 600 people are engaged in manufacturing and supplying customers
with ECCO's quality products.
Our distribution network is built on long term commitments. Careful evaluation of
each product line is carried out to ensure that the highest standards of design,
function and lasting values are met. We confidently stand behind all products
distributed by ECCO Manufacturing.
We are dedicated to the creative use of time and resources to continually identify
and satisfy our customer's growing needs. We invest heavily in the most
advanced resource technology - in equipment, leadership, and most of all, our
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!
At ECCO Manufacturing we are committed to our Mission Statement which
“Pursuit of Excellence”
With more than 400,000 square feet of manufacturing and distribution facilities
located in Langley, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Kent,
Washington, USA, this is the driving force behind that statement.
Since 1974, numerous enhancements have taken place enabling our plants to
contribute heavily to our overall Company objectives and keep pace with an ever
changing market place. With the addition of our second distribution center and
the moving of some of our manufacturing equipment to Calgary 1995, it has
increased our ability to meet the demand for a quality product and efficient
service. The enhancements have come about by the unified efforts of the many
qualified, innovative dedicated people employed by ECCO Manufacturing from
our management staff to our production personnel.
Our manufacturing plants are divided into five main departments: Administration,
Production, Distribution, Research/Development, and Machine/Maintenance. All
five departments work closely together ensuring our continued success in the
HVAC Market.
With our five custom manufacturing divisions operating in Calgary, Edmonton,
Langley, Regina, and Saskatoon, we have the capability of working with ferrous
and non-ferrous material from 30 gauge up to 10 gauge. By use of computer
aided plasma cutting facilities, and other CNC equipment, we are able to create
an unlimited cross section of parts in rectangular, round and flat oval or any other
flat shape required. We are able to take you from estimate to completed job
assisting you in coordination, fabrication, and shipping. Whatever your
requirements are, we can help you – call us and see!
Indicators that affect our manufacturing plant are closely monitored on a daily
basis enabling us to adapt quickly to our customers' needs. There are always
new areas for new products that will make a worthwhile contribution not only to
ECCO's success but to the success of the HVAC Industry. At the manufacturing
plants, we are determined to search for these as we create and manufacture new
products designed to meet the needs of our valued customers.