Ecco solutions ltd background

Ecco solutions ltd background
The company
ecco solutions ltd was launched in 2010 to market
ecco software. The software was developed under
the auspices of another company founded in 2006.
ecco’s owner-directors are not new in their
respective fields; they have between them more than
65 years experience of business, the support industry,
and computer software applications. Our chairman, chief executive and principal
share holder has held the most senior positions in the public and private sectors. The
director profiles can be read on the web site:
ecco solutions is registered under the Data Protection Act (Registration No.
Z2273917) and on the NHS IG Toolkit and IG Training Tool for handling sensitive
patient information (Organisation No. 8HV41), and has been certified on all the
latter’s recommended modules for data security. The company has registered with
an ISO9001 provider and is working towards certification. ecco solutions holds
contracts with many different Third Sector organisations, Housing Associations and
other national bodies, including some that involve handling sensitive information on
behalf of the MOD and the NHS.
The technical bit
The underlying technologies for ecco are the most up to date and extensively used
technologies in web-based applications in the world today. The application is built on
the Spring Framework owned by the EMC Corporation – a Fortune 500 company.
Nearly half of the Global 2000 companies, including many of the world’s largest
financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers, healthcare, technology and public
sector clients are SpringSource customers. ecco’s use of this framework ensures
that ecco software will always be up-to-date with emerging standards and enables
the system to cope with increasing data flows without performance degradation. Our
unique software architecture design allows us to maximise the use of computer
servers thus reducing overheads. The software adheres to OWASP (Open Web
Application Security Project) security guidelines through the use of an independent
global security framework known as HDIV (HTTP Data Integrity Validator).
Support in depth
ecco software has been developed in conjunction with two of the world’s leading
software houses specialising in Spring Framework applications – OpenCredo
(London and Cambridge) and Cake Solutions (Manchester and Oxford). We have
selected Cake Solutions ( as our preferred provider of
software support for ecco solutions - they have an in depth knowledge of the ecco
software system. This partnership ensures we have a team of specialists available at
any point in time to provide support for ecco solutions, and if required, directly to our
May 2012