CD5360, Software Engineering course,

CD5360, Software Engineering course, <year>
<Name of author 1, email>
<Name of author 2, email>
The title should tell the reader immediately what the report is about.
Describe the background of this report, in terms of a software project you invent. The purpose
of the report must be clear, e.g. to evaluate different alternative development tools for the
project. It is useful to state an explicit question, such as: “The purpose of this report is to
answer the question: which of C++ and Java is most appropriate to use in our project, seen
from a performance perspective?”
Describe how you performed your investigation, at a fairly high level. For example, by
reading literature (which literature, how did you find it), by doing some experiments (how did
you perform your experiment, which program versions were used). Together with the
information in the next section, it should be possible to repeat your investigation and come to
the same results.
This is the main part of the report, containing the “facts” of your investigation.
You most likely should divide this section into subsections, following a logical order. For
example, one subsection each.
Give the header a more appropriate name, depending on what it is you Write some
Conclusions and Recommendation
What are your main conclusions? Summarize the most important details (i.e. most important
for the investigation).
What is your recommendation? Base everything you say on the information in the <Details>
This section must be linked to the purpose of the document as stated in the “Background”
section (which is relatively simple if you have asked an explicit question in the beginning).
List all sources you have used. These sources may take many forms, depending on the type of
investigation, e.g. literature references, web resources, online help, program versions. An
example reference list:
Åkerholm M, Fredriksson J, “A Sample of Component Technologies for Embedded
Systems”, Technical Report, Mälardalen Real-time Research Centre, November 2004
Telelogic Tau Generation 2, URL: (last
visit: 2005-01-17)