English Project

People Who Made a Difference
As part of your Oral Bagrut in English, you are required to complete a research project. This
project must be handed to the Oral Bagrut tester in grade 11 for the advanced English class,
or 12 for the 4 - 5 points classes, in order to be tested.
You cannot be tested without it.
‫ בלעדיו‬.‫פה בכיתה י"ב או י"א דוברים‬-‫שמרו את הפרויקט למבחן הבגרות בעל‬
.‫לא תוכלו להבחן בעל פה‬
General Instructions
1. In this project you will work in groups of 2 people.
2. Your work should include:
a. Cover Page with – The title; your name; the name of the teacher, class,
school – Yehud Comprehensive High School, relevant pictures.
b. Table of Contents Page – includes numbers for each step.
c. The work itself – including all the steps
1) Answer all the questions in the body of the project.
2) Find, print and keep 2 to 4 original articles in English that deal
with your topic, and read them.
3) Do not put the pages in plastic sleeves.
4) Spell-check your work, and proofread ( ‫בדקו היטב את האיות ואת מבנה‬
d. Bibliography Page –which includes the names of your sources as well as a
list of Internet sites you have used in alphabetical order.
e. Appendix – Keep all notes, papers, drafts with teacher's comments, articles,
checklists, rubrics and all the material given by the teacher together in a
folder. Attach them at the end of the project.
3. Due date – The first week of September.
4. No copy-paste from the Internet. Everything should be in your own words.
5. Your project will be typed in 12 point Times New Roman (except headings), 1.5
line spacing.
Step 1: Introduction
For your project you will have to choose a person you believe made a difference:
an artist, a writer, a musician, a political figure, a military leader, a scientist, an
explorer, an inventor, a sportsman/woman, etc.
You will learn about the person himself/herself, the historical and socio-economical
background in which he/she operated and the contribution which that person made to
Write an introduction in which you explain why you have chosen this topic. It is a paragraph
that introduces the topic, the topic question and reason for choosing it – all in your own
The introduction should be at least half a page long )‫)כחצי עמוד‬, 150 – 200 words, in a form of
a composition.
 Introduce the person you believe made a difference.
 The introduction must include the reason for your choice.
 What you already know about the person.
 What you intend to learn about him/her and what resources you are going to use.
Step 2 – Biography and Background
Write the biography (life story) of the person – 3 - 4 pages
Provide a full historical background in which the person operated to show how the period
of time affected that person and what historical events influenced him/her.
Step 3 – The Difference
Write about 150 - 200words (divided into 3 paragraphs) about how this person has/made a
difference and how his/her contribution changed people's life.
Step 4 – Creative Work
Imagine you are hosting that person on your T.V. show.
Write an imaginary interview with the person. Make up 10 questions and answers, each
question is followed by an answer.
Step 5: Closing – Conclusion and Reflections
Write a conclusion and reflection on your project in a form of a composition.
Divide into paragraphs. Write about 120-140 words.
Conclusion is a paragraph that summarizes your work and presents your
conclusions in your own words, answering your research questions. It must
* background information on the topic
* conclusions
* your opinion
Reflection –answer questions on the project which show what you have learned:
What you liked best about working on this project. Why?
What you liked least about working on this project. Why?
What part of the project was the most difficult for you. Why?
What part of the project was the easiest for you. Why?
In what areas you think that doing this project has helped your English
improve. How? (reading, writing , spelling , vocabulary , speaking ).
How each member of the group contributed to the project
EACH PARAGRAPH – both Summary and Reflection
should be the length of 120 - 140 words
Step 6: Bibliography
Write a bibliography page which includes the names of your sources as
well as a list of Internet sites you have used in alphabetical order.
An Attractive Cover
Table of Contents
Step 1– Introduction
Step 2– Biography and Background
Step 3– A Difference
Step 4 – A Creative Assignment
Step 5 – Closing
Step 6 - Bibliography
Presentation in writing - Organization
Language Quality – grammar, spelling,
paragraphs, punctuation