The French Revolution and Napoleon
Jean Honore Fragonard
The Swing (1766)
Jacques Louis David
The Oath of the Horatii (1784)
Jacques Louis David
The Death of Socrates (1787)
The peasant’s concept of the “ancien regime”
The Third Estate “shackled”
a sans culottes
Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun
Portrait of Marie Antoinette
Elizabeth Vigee-LeBrun
Marie Antoinette and Children
The heart of Louis XVII
(“lost dauphin”)
The hamlet at Versailles
Louis XVI
Abbé Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes
The “Awakening” of the Third Estate
the three estates on the way to Versailles:
spring, 1789
The Estates General of 1789
Jacques Louis David
The Tennis Court Oath (1791)
The Bastille: 14 July, 1789
Women’s march on Versailles: 4-5 October, 1789
Arrest of royal family at Varennes: June, 1791
Return of the royal family to Paris: June, 1791
Paris in the Revolution
Massacre of the Swiss Guards: 10 August, 1792
September Massacre (abbey): 1792
Rousseau and the “general will:”
the theory of the Terror
Maximilien Robespierre:
Georges Danton
Jacques Louis David
The Death of Marat (1793)
A “second Joan of Arc:” Charlotte Corday
The Execution of Louis XVI
20 January, 1793
Marie Antoinette in the tumbrel
Execution of Marie Antoinette: October, 1793
Vendée: revolt against the Jacobins (1793)
“Cy gyt toute la France”
Jacques Louis David
Napoleon – St. Bernard Pass (1800)
Jacques Louis David
Coronation of Napoleon & Josephine (1808)
The Emperor
Empress Marie Louise
and the King of Rome
Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson
death of Nelson at Trafalgar
Napoleon and Alexander I meet at Tilsit (1809)
“The Spanish Ulcer:” Dos de Mayo, 1808
Jacques Louis David
Napoleon in his Study (1812)
The Retreat from Moscow: 1811-12
Waterloo, June, 1815
St. Helena
Napoleon at St. Helena:
“the emperor of the lizards”