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To Kill a Mockingbird Web Adventure:
Follow Directions Carefully!
Encountering the Author:
1. What is Harper Lee’s full name, and when and where was she born?
2. What occupation was her father?
3. Who was her closest childhood friend and why is he important?
4. How was Lee able to write full-time?
5. What year was To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM) published and what book clubs added it?
6. What literary award did TKAM receive?
7. What year was TKAM made into a movie and how many Academy Awards did it win?
8. What does Lee do now?
9. Read the article comparing the Great Depression to the U.S.’s current economic situation.
List three ways that people coped with economic hardships.
Encountering Injustice:
10. Summarize the events of March 25, 1931.
11. What were the verdicts delivered April 6-9, 1931?
12. What did Ruby Bates reveal April 6, 1933?
13. (Click to “1934-1989”) What happened on July 24, 1937?
Encountering Jim Crow:
Website 1:
14. What was Jim Crow?
15. List three rules African-Americans were expected to follow during this time.
Website 2:
16. These were actual laws during Jim Crow. List three laws that you find the most outrageous.
Website 3:
17. (Click “Great Depression”) How did Jim Crow effect jobs for African-Americans during the
Great Depression?
18. (Click “Scottsboro Case”) What did the Scottsboro Case reveal about treatment of AfricanAmericans during the Jim Crow era?