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To Kill a Mockingbird Background WebQuest

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( You can access websites from it so you do not have to type in the addresses.

Website #1 – Jim Crow Laws

1. What were Jim Crow laws, and how long were they legally enforced?

2. List an example of a Jim Crow law.

3. What was the name of the Supreme Court case that “legitimized Jim Crow laws and the Jim

Crow way of life?”

4. List 5 facilities that were segregated (i.e. hospitals).

5. Explain why Blacks had “little legal recourse” against Jim Crow laws.

6. How were Blacks denied the legal right to vote?

Website #2 – Stock Market Crash

7. How long did the Great Depression last?

8. What was the date of Black Tuesday?

9. How many Americans were unemployment after the banks crashed?

Website #3 – American History 1930-1939

10. During The Great Depression, many Dust Bowl farmers packed their families into cars and headed where?

11. Why did the farmers go?

12. Who were the Presidents during the 1930s?

13. What did the sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, create?

14. Observe the painting, American Gothic (on the website). Describe Grant Wood’s famous work. What does it look like? What kind of life does it portray?

15. What was fashion like during the 1930’s? Observe the pictures on the site and read about the trends during the times.

16. Who were some of the prominent authors of the time? What famous works are they responsible for?

Website #4 – The Scottsboro Boys

17. What were The Scottsboro Boys known for? Who were they? What did they do? How did they get in so much trouble?

18. The Scottsboro Boys’ attorneys were extremely incompetent. How did the defense attorneys show their lack of experience?

19. When did the last of the Scottsboro Boys die?

Website #5 – Harper Lee

20. What work is Harper Lee most famous for writing?

21. When did she win the Pulitzer Prize and for what piece of literature?

22. List some similarities between the novel and Harper Lee’s life.

23. Where and during what time is Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird , set?

Website #6 – Maycomb County Map

24. What is located behind the Radley House?

25. Who lives across the street from the Finches?

26. What was located in the middle of the town square?

27. In what direction did the Ewells live?

28. In what direction did the Cunninghams live?