Curriculum vitae NAME Vytenis Lazauskas AGE 30 CONTACT mb

Curriculum vitae
Vytenis Lazauskas
mb.: 8 680 83035; e-mail.: [email protected]
2009 – 2012 (expected)
CFA (Certified finance analyst) studies – CFA level I exam passed in
June 2009.
2008 – 2011 (expected)
Exams for licence of Lithuanian Certified Auditor – 4 exams
(Economics, Law, Accounting, Audit) passed in 2008. One exam (Taxation)
is left.
2005 – 2007
Member of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) since
December 2007. Main subjects covered by ACCA:
financial management and control;
strategic financial management;
advanced corporate reporting;
strategic business planning;
performance management;
audit and assurance services;
taxation and other.
2003 – 2005
Finance studies at Vilnius University. Master’s degree in economics
Thesis title: Business risks and their management in private entities.
Main subjects studied:
banks management;
financial markets;
monetary policy;
applied econometrics;
international finance and other.
2002 – 2003
Mathematical Economics studies in Eurofaculty. Minor of Mathematical
Economics degree obtained. Main subjects studied:
microeconomic analysis;
macroeconomic analysis;
optimisation methods;
international finance;
applied econometrics;
economic dynamics and other.
1999 – 2003
Accountancy and audit studies at Vilnius University. Bachelor’s degree in
business management obtained.
1995 – 1999
Vilnius Lyceum of Exact Sciences.
English – fluent;
Russian – fluent;
German – basics.
January 2003 – TO
PricewaterhouseCoopers UAB, Assurance department. Current
position – Manager of Assurance Services. Position includes the
following tasks and responsibilities:
audit project management, including tasks planning,
assignment, coaching and reviewing of work performed;
communication with client top management;
summary and presentation of audit issues to the client
reviewing of financial statements (stand-alone and
preparation of auditor’s report;
client consultations on complex accounting issues
and other.
Main audit clients under my current responsibility: Šiaulių bankas AB,
Avia Solutions Group AB, Koncernas MG Baltic UAB, Šiaulių plentas
Group, Mitnija UAB, YIT Kausta AB, Visagino atominė elektrinė UAB.
Assignments I have worked in include: audit of Palink UAB, Ignalinos
atominė elektrinė AB; audit of Lietuvos bankas, Lifosa AB, Koncernas
Internal rating. Each position in assurance department is divided into
rates according to the employee performance in that position in
comparison to peers. Ratings are between 1 and 5, 1 being the best. I
have consistently maintained internal rating of 2 (exceeds
expectations) among my grade, currently I am rated 1 (outstanding).
Additional responsibilities:
leader of SPA (System and Process Assurance) team
in assurance department, responsibilities include:
-2024 planning of SPA team activities;
-2025 performance of Information Technology General
Controls (ITGC) testing for audit clients;
-2026 consulting of other audit staff on ITGC testing for audit
member of marketing committee of the firm.
International experience: secondment to PricewaterhouseCoopers
Kyiv office in Ukraine (June – July 2008), team manager of review of
Alfa Bank Ukraine (10th largest bank in Ukraine). Responsibilities
included managing the review of condensed interim financial
information, and review of bond issuance prospectus of the bank.
Other experience:
Since 2006 I make presentations in client seminars on IFRS
(International Financial Reporting Standards) organized by PwC.
Equity investments, portfolio management.
Long distances running, mountain hiking, cross-country skiing.