Annie John Study Guide

Annie John
Study Guide
Please give specific, relevant details for each item and discuss its broader meaning in
the story. This is to be handed in the day of the final assessment. Please complete
electronically and upload to
1. Antigua
19. Books
2. Obsession with Death
20. Breadfruit
3. Father-Daughter Relationship
21. John Milton’s Paradise Lost and
Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre
4. Mother-Daughter Relationship
22. Christopher Columbus
5. (Significance of) Bathing
23. Belgium
6. Annie’s Mom’s Trunk
7. Annie’s Teachers
24. “The Two Black Things,” use of
the word “Slut” and the Thimble
8. Mrs. Nelson (specifically)
25. Mineu
10. Rat Island
26. Ma Chess and Annie’s Illness
11. Prefect Status
27. Obeah Tradition and Women
12. Dunce Cap
28. Destruction of Annie’s Childhood
13. Hilarene
29. (Young) Lucifer Painting
14. Gwen
30. England
15. The Red Girl
31. The Sea
16. Annie’s Dream About Herself and
the Red Girl
17. The Marbles (Especially, The Blue
18. Menstruation/Bad
32. The Long Rain