to the MS WORD file. - University of Southern California

2707 Portland street, Apt#209, Los Angeles, 90007, CA
Languages: C, C++ and Java.
Databases: Oracle 10g, MS-SQL Server 2005 and MySQL
Servers: Apache, Tomcat, Weblogic
Web: AJAX, Perl, PHP, JQuery, JSON, XML, XQuery.
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Master of Science, Computer Science (GPA 3.85)
Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Noida, India
Bachelor of technology, Computer Sci. & Eng. (GPA 3.68)
Framework & Stack: ASP.NET, LAMP and wamp
Spatial DB: Oracle 10g.
IDE: Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, phpMyAdmin
Mobile & API’s: Android, Facebook, Twitter, Google
May 2013
June 2008
WORK EXPERIENCE: 3.1 years of experience involving design, development and maintenance of projects
Student Programmer, Information Technology Services, USC, Los Angeles, CA
Apr 2012 to Present
Project: ePro - A web based project management ERP solution for the department. It is an application designed to be
a central repository for all small to large size projects. Involved in new requirement gathering and implementing new
features, enhancing its functionality, improving scalability and setting up a new format email notification system.
Project: eCert - Automation of "certificate procurement process" at USC. Created a web interface for various
customer to place request for their app’s certificate requirements. Automated the certificate request submission and
request processing at the Certificate Issuer’s end by using their certificate requisition API calls.
Senior Systems Engineer, Infosys Limited, Hyderabad, India
Nov 2008 to Dec 2011
Project: J2EE STE Management - Provided administration and maintenance for the applications deployed on
Weblogic & Websphere app servers for Citi Group (Global Production Assurance).
Project: Tours & Travels Booking System - Development of a complete tours and travels website that facilitated
booking of Flights, Hotels, CABs and travel packages. This system was first created in a Win Forms format, then
converted into an ASP.NET website project.
Project: Access point tracking system - Developed a Java swings app which stores spatial information about
peoples, access points and buildings in a spatial database. This interactive app then displays this stored information on
a USC MAP using various spatial queries, based on user preference.
Project: Easy Trip - Developed an Android application to search for the hotels in a city. It seeks a login from
Facebook and allows users to post the result on their wall. This app uses a Perl LWP to parse an HTML (containing
the result data), convert into XML and pass it to a servlet, which returns a JSON to the Android application.
Project: Operating System Development (NACHOS) – Designed and developed a synchronized, multi-threaded
system by using locks, condition and monitor variables. Added virtual memory by designing TLB, Page Table, IPT and
swap file. Implemented system calls, multi-programming and Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) in fully distributed
environment using Client-Server architecture.
Project: AUIA (AUDI Urban Intelligent Assist) – Developing a navigation system for AUDI to make driving a more
safe and stress free experience. Developing a java program that runs on the car to send out the cars info and storing it
on a mongo db. Using Smart Routing and Interactive Parking Assist modules, displaying the result on the navigator.
Project: GeoFence - Developing an Android mobile application over Google Maps following a client-server
architecture. A user can create (by tapping Maps) and/or view GeoFences created by other users. Mobile clients
receive alerts/vibrations when a user is in/close to a GeoFence. A Java-servlet serves as the application layer in the
architecture enabling android app to connect and interact with the spatial database (Oracle 10g).
Project: SOCKET Programming - Working on a project to create TCP and UDP sockets using C++ on UNIX. It is the
simulation of a logistics system in which various entities communicates over TCP and UDP sockets. This project
follows client-server architecture where warehouse behaves as server and different stores as clients.
Achievements & Certifications
 Best trainee award for .NET during training at Infosys
 Awarded Pillar of the project and Most-valuable-player for work excellence and client commitment.
 Head-Of-Club for hardware club of college’s computer society “NIBBLE
 Event organizer of various cultural and technical fests held at JSSATE Noida, SRIJAN 06, ZEALICON 08, etc.