Note to Students - Quilters' Connection

Dear student:
I usually will show the different styles that you can do with a base at the beginning of the
For instance one can make a base from rectangles (Ova Nova) (lots of different colored
rectangles) or squares by an easy strip piecing of thirteen fabrics, (Double Vision) or
one can use one large interesting piece of fabric, this can also be a hand dyed or
manipulated piece. (Jekyll and Hyde)
you can take two interesting fabrics and make a large 4 patch etc. etc. (see Dualistic)
Or you can quick piece in class with easy curves a base of say 5 to seven fabrics you
like ( Scintillation)and of course you can use one or two twice. (Also see Pattern on
Pattern and Pattern on Pattern II)
Or last choice if you do NOT like to fuse we piece and that requires specific directions
and supplies but is quite easy! (See Quadrate.)
Or making a modern quilt and piece but it requires about 3 yds of background fabric see
Hugging and a Kissing)
Some students have expressed the fact they want to start their first layer at home, we
will work with that in the first class I can help with composition, color and placement of
the pieces for the first layer. If you are really wanting to start something before class you
will have to email me personally.
Second layers are usually made up of solid type fabrics or Dupioni silks or hand dyed
fabrics in Pattern on Pattern type quilts we use prints for that as well. See website.
If this sounds like “Greek” please look at my web page for inspiration. And get back to
me if any of the Double Vision quilts on the web site are of interest to you. I will then in
turn send you some pics and helpful hints to get ready for the class,