Top 10 Most Wanted:

Top 10 Most Wanted:
The following is a list of content recovery assignments that students may
complete to earn 1 point to be added to first or second nine week’s average.
Each assignment is based on an essential biology standard. All assignments
must be turned in by 12:30 on Wednesday, May 30, 2010.
Assignment #1: Cellular Organelles
Make a table of each cellular organelle. For each organelle, describe
its function and tell what type of cell it may be found in.
Assignment #2: Organic Compounds
Make a pamphlet of the 4 major organic compounds (protein, lipid,
carbohydrate, and nucleic acid). Be sure to include the subunits,
examples, structure, and elements each is made of.
Assignment #3: Protein Synthesis
Draw a poster that shows the steps of protein synthesis. Be sure label
mRNA, tRNA, ribosomes, DNA, transcription, and translation.
Assignment #4: Cellular Transport
Make a booklet that explains and illustrates cellular transport,
including hypotonic solutions, hypertonic solutions, isotonic
solutions, active transport, diffusion, and osmosis.
Assignment #5: Cell Cycle
Draw a comic strip that shows a labeled diagram of each stage of the
cell cycle.
Assignment #6: Photosynthesis
Make a flowchart that shows each step of photosynthesis (including
light-dependent and light-independent reactions.
Assignment #7: Cellular Respiration
Make a flowchart that shows each step of cellular respiration (aerobic
and anaerobic).
Assignment #8: Factors of Chemical Reactions
Make a T-chart of reaction rate factors. List factors that speed up
reactions on the 1st column. Then list factors that slow down reactions
on 2nd column.
Assignment #9: Cell Theory
Write an essay to explain cell theory. Be sure to include scientists and
technologies that contributed to the development of cell theory as well
as the 3 basic facts of cell theory.
Assignment #10: Types of Cells
Draw a poster that shows a plant, an animal, and a bacteria cell. Then
tell how each is unique.