Lack of affordable feeds is one of the major constraints facing small

Title: Proximate composition of underutilized, economically-viable feed
ingredients for sustainable aquaculture
Name: Dr. Shabihul Fatma
Assistant Professor (Medical Biology)
Faculty of Science and Arts in Farasan
Jazan University
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
E:mail:[email protected]
This study presents the nutritive potential of selected fish feed ingredients to augment the
fish culture and production through aquaculture. The present study surveyed selected
potential feedstuffs with specific focus on underutilized plant and animal protein sources,
agricultural, animal, agro-industrial by-products, slaughterhouse wastes and some
unusual by-products. The ingredients were collected from the local markets and abattoirs
of the survey area. Selection of the feedstuffs was based on availability, cost and the
avoidance of conflicts with human consumption. Proximate analysis was conducted for
50 selected feedstuffs from 14 underutilized animal protein sources and 36 plant
feedstuffs to estimate their potential nutritive value for inclusion as feedstuff for
Based on the proximate composition, 14 feedstuffs of animal origin were
identified as potential dietary protein sources with highest crude protein (CP) and almost
low to negligible amount of crude fibre (CF) and nitrogen-free extract (NFE), 13
feedstuffs with high CP and high NFE were identified as dietary protein and energy
source and 23 feedstuffs with low CP and highest NFE were identified as potential
dietary energy sources.
Key words: Proximate analysis, by-products, fish feeds, sustainable aquaculture,
nutrients, protein and energy sources
I have completed Ph.D in 2009 and Post-Doctorate (UGC-Dr. D.S. Kothari Post
Doctorate Fellowship) in 2013 from Aligarh Muslim University, India. I am presently
working as an Assistant Professor and involved in teaching Medical Biology and
Biochemistry at Undergraduate level. I have published more than 25 research papers in
the journals of international repute such as Aquaculture Research (Wiley-Blackwell),
Aquaculture Nutrition (Wiley-Blackwell), Aquaculture (Elsevier Press), Aquaculture
International (Springer Press). I have actively participated in various National and the
International conferences and have given the oral presentation of my accepted research
papers. I am also serving as a reviewer for the Aquaculture research, Aquaculture
International, Journal of Applied Aquaculture (Taylor & Francis), Israeli Journal of
Aquaculture-Bamidgeh etc.
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Contact number: 053804727
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