Introduction to Aquaponics

Introduction to Aquaponics
Aquaponic systems combine recirculating aquaculture
systems (RAS) with different types of hydroponic
systems (the soiless culture of plants in nutrient
solutions). This workshop describes the basic concepts
of aquaponics with tilapia aquaculture ending with tours
of the on-campus greenhouses Demonstrations will be
conducted of different aquaponic systems, RAS, and
tilapia culture.
The program will also include the following speakers:
Mr. Allen Benjamin, Quality Certification Services,
Gainesville, FL Organic Certification for Aquaculture
Ms. Naomi Davis, Davis Farms CSA, Roberta, GA
Marketing of sustainable, locally grown products in
CSA,s and farmers markets
Dr. Pat Duncan, Georgia Center for Aquaculture
Development, FVSU, Basics of aquaponics, system
design, and operation plus tilapia culture
May 5, 2011 1:00-5:00 pm,
$5.00 payable at the door
Auditorium, C.W. Pettigrew Center
Cooperative Extension Program
Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, GA
Contact Dr. Pat Duncan at 478-825-6575 or 825-6335