PLA 2763

PLA 2763
PLA 2763 Law Office Management (3) (AAS) Prerequisite: PLA 1003. This course is to instruct
students on communications skills needed and processes followed in law offices. It reviews legal
ethics and how they relate to office functions. Topics included are financial management, records
and physical facilities of small businesses, particularly law offices, common business
communications involving telephone, correspondence and e-mail usage.
List four activities legal assistants are prohibited from doing.
Explain how lawyers and paralegal personnel function in our legal system
Define a variety of terms to include, but not limited to: Delegation, Unity of Command,
Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Tickler System, Job Enrichment Activities, Docket Control, and
Espirit de Corps.
List and contrast three of the most commonly used forms of business utilized by law
List and briefly discuss six of the recommended techniques for improving the confidence
that clients will have in the personnel of the law office.
Discuss the various aspects of fee setting in the law office to include: fixed fees,
minimum fees, contingent fees, retainers, payment schedules and billing practice.
Describe the steps and procedures involved in recruiting and selecting personnel for the
law office.
8. Describe how client files are opened, maintained and closed.
9. Describe the law office staff manual, state who should maintain it, and the recommended
contents of the manual.
10. Review legal ethical rules.
11. Discuss the titles and duties of each member of the legal team.
12. Distinguish between practice management and administrative management.
13. Identify the functions of legal administration.
14. Discuss major technology issues in law offices.
15. List and explain major federal employment laws.
16. Define what UPL is and list factors that are used to determine whether a legal assistant is
‘practicing law.’
17. Explain the attorney-client privilege and to whom it applies.
18. Explain what a conflict of interest is and what a law office can do to limit conflict of interest
19. Discuss ways to communicate effectively and the importance good listening skills play in the
Legal office environment and the promotion of effective client relationships.
20. Describe calendaring, docket control, case management, and the systems, technology and
effectiveness in managing such information.
21. Discuss different marketing options that are available to most law offices and identify the
ethical problems that may arise in carrying them out.
22. Discuss the various aspects of library management in a law office.
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