Unit 3 Test – Europe and Russia

Unit 4 – European Geography Study Guide
Pgs. 260 - 326
Definitions – please define these terms in your own words
Northern European Plain
Industrial Revolution
Danube River
Rhine River
French Revolution
Martin Luther
1. Which of these peninsulas is bounded by the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea, and the Baltic Sea?
2. How did the network of waterways that connected Europe have an impact on the development of
3. Describe at least two ways The Roman Catholic Church influenced Europe.
4. What impact do the mountain ranges of Europe have on the climates of Europe?
5. Eastern Europe and Russia have a harsher climate because it is farther away from what?
6. Describe the impact of the end of World War I on Germany.
7. What is the dominant climate of Southern Europe?
8. What does “The sun never sets on the British Empire” mean?
9. Why is the city of Venice sinking?
10. What happened after the end of World War II? Which two countries were pitted against each
other for 45 years?
11. What countries make up the United Kingdom?
12. Which two ancient European civilizations served as models for the United States government?
13. How can the overall population of Europe be described? What region of Europe has a very low
population density? Why?
14. What importance did the French Revolution have on Europe?
15. Name the 5 peninsulas that are found in Europe and the countries that make each one of them up.