European Map Activity

European Map Activity – CLASS COPY
In Text – See page 497 or R8 & R9
In Atlas – See pages 94 & 97
1. What countries are located on peninsulas? (List 6)
2. What countries are islands? (List 3)
3. What country is the farthest north?
4. How might the Alps have affected the movement of peoples?
5. Why might the Iberian Peninsula be isolated from the rest of
6. Identify 5 major rivers located on the Northern European Plain.
7. List what you believe to be the 5 largest countries.
8. List what you believe to be the 5 smallest countries (look closely!)
9. What 2 mountain ranges form boundaries for Europe?
There are 2 large areas in Europe that are below sea level.
What seas do they border? What countries is it in?
Identify 3 countries that are not only in Europe, but also in
Approximately how far across is Europe from East to West in
miles? How far from North to South?