Unit 3 Part 2 Test Review

Unit 3 Part 2 Test Review
Page 474
What is a persuasive essay? An essay
that tries to make the reader act or think
a certain way.
Give an example of an appeal to
reason/logic: The only logical solution
24% of participants…
The final outcome cannot be argued.
Give an example of an appeal to
…the life of the Negro is still sadly
crippled by the manacles of segregation.
How do you analyze persuasive appeals?
Reread to test the author’s logic
Page 492
What does a persuasive speech try to do?
To act or think in a certain way
What are rhetorical devices?
Patterns of words used to stir emotions
in the audience
Give an example of parallelism:
Stripped of the lure of profit…,
they have resorted to…, pleading
Give an example of restatement:
…have to fear is fear itself- nameless,
unjustified terror
Give an example of repetition: helps
reinforce concepts and unify the speech
I have a dream…I have a dream…
Give an example of analogy: a
comparison between two unlike things
…we’ve come to our nation’s capital to
cash a check (the check represents
What persuasive techniques?
Devices to influence the audience
How can I analyze persuasive
techniques? Read aloud to hear the
Page 514
What is a fact? Give an example. It can
be proved. It is 32 degrees outside.
What is an opinion? Give an example. It
is what someone thinks. It is cold
What are overgeneralizations? What are
some examples? Absolute words that
make opinions sound like facts.
Always, everybody, never
Page 520
What is the purpose of a humorous
essay? To entertain through laughter
What is a hyperbole? Exaggeration
Give an example: My gangly arms
nearly touched my kneecaps.
What is an understatement? Opposite of
What are some examples of comic
slang, funny names, puns