fever 1793 vocab list chapters 1 through 10

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Fever 1793
Vocabulary Chapters 1-10
1. lancet
Example Sentence
In order to remove the bullet from the soldier, the
doctor made a small incision using a lancet.
2. dittany
In order to ward off evil spirits the witch doctor
drank a mixture of wild lavender and dittany.
3. teem
We had to elbow our way through the teeming
crowd of screaming fans.
4. larder
You will find flour, sugar and other food items
stored in the larder.
5. impudence
My mother was both shocked and embarrassed
by my impudence.
6. miasma
I couldn’t stand walking through the miasma of
smoke that permeated the air outside of the
7. pummel
Thieves pummeled the man in a violent attempt
to steal his wallet.
8. droll
He was a droll little man that cold make anyone
laugh at his silly jokes.
9. bilious
Molly's bilious demeanor made her ill-suited for a
job in customer service, and she was let go from
the position after two weeks.
10. lather
Angry at his foolish mistakes, the man worked
himself into a lather.
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11. demure
Example Sentence
The demure young girl blushed when the young
boy kissed her on the cheek.
12. frippery
The upper class snob liked to show off her money
with jewelry, fine clothing and other ridiculously
expensive frippery.
13. pestle
Before we are able to use the coffee beans, they
must be ground in the pestle.
14. drone
As I opened the window and gazed upon the city
streets, I could hear the drone of early morning
activity down below.
15. rile
All that annoying noise is sure to rile the nerves
of anyone trying to study.
16. cajole
My boyfriend cajoled me into going along to the
party even though I didn’t want to go.
17. robust
A diet of steak and potatoes made him into a
strong, robust man.
18. abhor
I absolutely abhor loud, obnoxious heavy metal
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