Most classes will begin with 5-10 minutes of writing.
If you are absent, your writing becomes homework to be handed in upon your return.
Since speed is more important than accuracy for this daily writing, spelling and grammar
will not be marked. You will receive a grade for each entry based on a minimum of one
page, double-spaced.
When required, you will choose a piece of writing to polish and perfect. This writing will
be graded based on the Six Traits of Writing.
Week One: Description
1. Describe your perfect world.
2. Describe a vivid dream or nightmare.
3. Describe your ideal school.
4. Describe a memorable concert or play.
5. Describe an imaginary animal or fairy tail creature.
Week Two: Expository
1. How to make the best TV snack (or a meal)
2. How to get to your favorite place
3. How to be hired for a job
4. How to make _______________ (use a hobby)
5. How to get along with an enemy
Week Three: Comparing and contrasting
1. The person you are and the person you would like to be
2. Two different types of music or groups
3. Light and dark
4. Two sports or two seasons
5. Your choice of two things to compare
Week Four: Vocabulary
1. abhor: to hate or detest (verb)…Identify something you abhor, such as
a food, behavior, a smell, or a noise.
2. abound: to be present in large numbers or amounts (verb)…The
United States is said to be a place where opportunities abound. What
does this mean to you? How do you plan on taking advantage of your
3. adamant: firmly decided; unwilling to give in (adjective)…What are
some rules in your school or home that your teacher or parent is
adamant about? Why do you think this is so?
4. anguish: severe physical or mental pain (noun)…Describe some
situations that might cause a person anguish. What are some positive
ways you can think of to deal with anguish in those situations?
Week Five: Persuasive *Present both sides.
1. A school rule
2. Four day school week
3. Speed limits on highways
4. Hunting is/is not a good sport
5. Your choice
Week Six: Definition – Always give examples.
1. The most serious problem in society…
2. The best holiday is…
3. Success is…
4. Friendship is…
5. Money…
Week Eight: Polishing and Perfecting
*Choose a journal from this quarter to polish and perfect. This will be turned in and
graded based on the Six Traits of Writing.