Hamlet Study Guide Questions

Hamlet - Study Guide Questions
Act V
Scene i
1. Why do the clowns or gravediggers have a problem with Ophelia’s
2. Who was Yorick?
3. How does Hamlet show a new authority when he approaches Laertes?
4. Hamlet uses hyperbole to express his true love for Ophelia. What
does he say?
Scene ii
1. Hamlet finally is able to be bloody. What does he reveal to Horatio
that he has done?
2. Hamlet lists four specific evils Claudius has done against him; what are
3. Hamlet ends in a bloodbath; list all the characters in the play who die
and how each one dies.
4. The resolutions/denouement of any tragedy has the death of the
tragic hero and the restoration of order; how is order restored to the
5. Who is a true friend to Hamlet>?
6. What is Hamlet’s tragic flaw? Explain your answer.
7. Identify Shakespeare’s message. What is the play’s main theme?