Romeo and Juliet: Final Projects

Hamlet: Final Projects
Choose one of the following projects:
1. Create 5 comic strips (3 panels/blocks each) on ToonDoo ( to
represent each act of the play. Write descriptions of each panel for a total of 15
descriptions. This could also be hand drawn. See Edens’ for this.
2. Create a newspaper to describe the events of the play. Make sure it looks like a real
newspaper and includes the following: 3 articles, photos with captions, obituaries,
classified ads, advertisements, and a letter to the editor.
3. Create a CD that includes 10 songs that represent elements of the play (i.e. – Hamlet’s
need for revenge, Ophelia’s decent into madness, or Claudius’ ambition etc.) and 1
song that references the play Hamlet. Create an appropriate cover, and in the CD
jacket, write descriptions of each song, explaining what they represent, and include
quotes from the play to support your explanations.
4. Re-read Gertrude's description of Ophelia's death; draw, paint, or create your own
rendering of Ophelia's final moments in Hamlet. Include with your submission a short
written explanation of the reasons why you made the artistic decisions that you
made. I am looking for you to show me your depth of understanding of the character
throughout the play and your reaction to her.
5. Shakespeare’s play has inspired countless adaptations in everything from music, art,
literature, and film. After viewing Disney’s The Lion King, write an essay (typed,
minimum 350 words and using at least two quotes from each text) that explores how
the animated film adapts Shakespeare’s story and its major themes
6. Read Freud’s account of Hamlet in The Interpretation of Dreams (see me for a copy) and
write a paper about whether or not there’s solid textual evidence in the play to support an
Oedipal reading of Hamlet’s relationship with his mother.
Remember, just doing the minimum amount of work does not equal an A. Work deserving an
A goes above and beyond the minimum requirements.
Your project will be graded based on 4 categories:
 Creativity: Your work should be original and imaginative. If you pick an artistic
project, your work should reflect artistry.
 Time and Effort: Your work should show evidence that you put forth sufficient time
and effort into your project.
 Presentation: Your work should be neat, appropriate, and professional. Your project
should look as realistic as possible.
 Knowledge: Your work should show that you understand and have a scholarly
knowledge of the play.
DUE DATE:____________________________________________________
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