Literature Circle Book Selection Process

Gr 8 Literature Circle: Book Selection Process
Name: __________________
Why are we doing this?
This booklet allows students more choice in their classroom reading (in novel studies the
teacher always chooses the book and in literature circles the teacher usually chooses the
books available). Individually, you will fill out this worksheet and rank each novel. I will count
the votes for each novel and pick the top five. Only these five will be included in our
literature circles unit.
So, will you be able to read whatever you want?
Not for sure. This is because not all of selections in this booklet will be included in our actual
literature circle unit. Therefore, sadly, you may not end up reading your first choice
during this class, but can always take it out from the library if you would like to read it at
home or during silent reading (once lit circles are done).
Even if your first choice is chosen to be used in this unit, not everyone will be able to start
the unit reading his or her first choice (although I do try to arrange this). However, once
you’re done your first selection, you are allowed to choose another book. So, sometimes
students end up starting with their second or third choice but will have the opportunity to
read their first choice later on.
Project Instructions (make sure you do each step):
1. Create a word document. Save it (Last name First Name Lit Circle Selection Project).
2. Find the list of books on my website and copy it to your word document (also listed
here, but you won’t have to type them out if you copy and paste from my website). Do
thorough research for each novel (summary, length, genre).
3. Rate each novel out of ten (1 = This book is not a good choice for me/ 10= Yes! I
want to read this!!!). You need to carefully consider what you’d most like to read and
explain why (in one or two sentences).
4. Recommend which three novels should be removed from the list and explain why.
Then recommend three titles that you think should be added to the list and
explain why.
5. Self –assess the rubric, staple it to your project and hand in your worksheet.
The Book List
1. Crispin by Avi
2. Invitation to the Game by M. Hughes
3. The Outsiders by S. Hinton
4. Uglies by S. Westerfeld
5. Airborn by K. Oppel
6. Charlie Wilcox by S. McKay
7. Deathwatch by R. White
8. Dust by Slade
9. Ghost in the Machine by M. Woodbury
10. Hunger Games by S. Collins
11. Catching Fire by S. Collins
12. Leviathan by S. Westerfeld
13. Matilda Bone by K. Cushman
14. My Brother’s Keeper by Engel & Wright
15. The Alchemyst by Michael Scott
16. My Name is Seepeetza by S. Sterling
17. Mysterious Benedict Society by T. L. Stewart
18. Smugglers by I Lawrence
19. Son of the Mob by G. Korman
20. Stravaganza: City of Masks by M. Hoffman
21. Tangerine by E Bloor
22. The Ranger's Apprentice by Flanagan
23. The Graveyard Book by N Gaiman
24. The Maze Runner by J Dashner
25. There Will be Wolves by K Bradford
26. Trapped in Ice by Eric Walters
27. Trouble with Lemons by D. Hayes
28. True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi
29. Waiting for Sarah by McBay & J Heneghan
30. Wounded by Eric Walters
Self-assess. How did you do on this activity?
Student has obviously carefully considered the novels one at a time and has
something interesting to report about each one. The student takes the time to add
details when discussing each novel. The novels are rated in a logical order.
Student seems to have rushed through the novel descriptions; comments about
the novels may not be entirely relevant, although some consideration has gone
into them. Not many details have been added. The novels are rated in a
somewhat logical order.
Student has rushed through the novel connection portion of the assignment, often
not fully answering questions.
Note: I will try and give you your first choice in novel, but may not be able to give
everyone their first choice. Sometimes students end up starting with their second choice but
will have the opportunity to read their first choice later on.