Social Studies ~ Unit 2 – Vocab


Social Studies ~ Unit 2, Lessons 1-5 Vocabulary

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1. Culture ~ a way of life shared by a group of people

2. Settler ~ a person who moves to find land

3. Slavery ~ forcing people to work without pay and without freedom

4. Colony ~ a place that is ruled by another country

5. Tax ~ money paid to a government for services

6. Constitution ~ a plan of government

7. Explorer ~ a person who goes to a new place to find out about it

8. Frontier ~ the far edge of a country where new people are just beginning to settle

9. Pioneer ~ the first of a group of people to settle in an area

10.Territory ~ an area of land owned by a country

11. industry-a business that makes one kind of product or provides one kind of service

12. immigrant-a person who comes from one country to live in another

13. discrimination- when people are treated unfairly because of how they look or what they believe

14. transcontinental-a railroad that runs across a continent

15. manufacture- to make something using machines