Examples of Stakeholders

Examples of Stakeholders
This is not an exhaustive list—just an example of whom you might want to consider
• Representatives from Organizations/Institutions
o Pain & cancer advocacy groups (i.e., ACS, POPAN, Livestrong Army)
o National professional associations (i.e., AMA, APS, AAPM, FSMB)
o State professional organizations/chapters (i.e., State Pain Society, State Medical Society,
ASPMN chapter, ONS chapter, State Hospice and Palliative Care group)
o Cancer Centers
o Hospitals
o Long Term Care facilities
o Hospices
o Granting agencies (i.e., RWJ, community foundations)
• Representatives from State Government
o Boards of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, & dentistry
o Department of Justice
o Public health departments
o Controlled Substances Board
o Attorney General’s office
o Governor’s office
o Departments of Regulation and Licensing
• Representatives from Industry
o Insurance companies
o Pharmaceutical companies
o Medical device and equipment companies
• Health care providers
o Physicians
o Nurses
o Pharmacists
o Social Workers
o Alternative Medicine Providers
o Physical Therapists
o Nursing Assistants
• Other Individuals
o Health care administrators
o Academics
o Health Educators
o Policy makers
o Media professionals
o Persons with pain
o Caregivers & family members
o Law enforcement
o Business/finance professionals