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Business Principles Week 7

Business Principles
Mauliksinh Y Chauhan (4452933)
Niagara College Toronto
Professor: Adam Balwant
Assignment Due Date: 11/03/2022
1. Effective leaders are able to communicate effectively, encourage their teams, manage
and allocate duties, listen to criticism, and solve issues in a constantly changing
environment. Employers look for these qualities in candidates seeking leadership
2. Each group will have its own representatives in this management system. This will
create some problems in their supervision. The supervisors will not be able to judge
the representatives on the same scale because of the different responsibilities and
resources of each level of management. The supervisors will have to use the advanced
methods for each level of management and that can prove to be expensive.
3. Pros
This system empowers the employees to make their decisions within their limited
The programme also allows team representatives to be elected to connect with
other teams within the organisation.
This method can be expensive for a relatively new business.
Employees who aren't self-motivated team players have a hard time adjusting to
their peers' authority in the system.