Course Syllabus for Spanish 5/MSU 202.

Spanish 5 Syllabus (Minnnesota State University Concurrent Enrollment Course #202)
St Peter High School
Profesor Englehorn, Email: [email protected]
Room 327, period 6—12:05-12:50
¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español! This Spanish class at SPHS is designed to help you communicate in Spanish.
Communication includes learning to speak, read, write, and listen. Each Spanish course is based on fulfilling the ACTFL
standards for each level(ACTFL is the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages.) A goal of Spanish at
SPMS/HS is to encourage you to think globally about your future education and career while preparing you for future
study of Spanish. To this end, I speak a lot of Spanish in class, but I use clues to help you understand—look/listen for
This class meets the requirement for Intermediate Spanish Level one at Minnesota State University, Mankato.
The course number at MNSU is 202. In order to be enrolled in this class, you must have completed the Elementary
Spanish sequence (Grade 7, Grade 8, Spanish II, III, and IV at SPHS) or the equivalent, and be in the top half of your
graduating class or a 21 or higher composite ACT score. This class mirrors the goals of 202 at MNSU: to review the
fundamentals of grammar, to practice in written and oral expression, to develop of listening and reading skills, and to
understand more completely Hispanic culture. Upon successful completion of this course, you earn both SPHS and
MNSUM credit.
Required Materials: 1. Textbook, Identidades, (Pearson) and online activity access:
2. A notebook dedicated to this class
3. Spanish-English Dictionary.
Note: Spanish 4 treats approximately the first half of the textbook, while Spanish 5 covers the second half.
Grading Summary:
1) Participation and Attendance: 20% of final grade. Earn 5 points per day by talking in Spanish daily with the
class, your small group and/or your partner. Be in class and in your desk when the bell rings—unexcused
absences/tardies and misbehavior affect this grade.
2) Homework and Classwork: 40% of final grade. Expect homework 4 nights per week.
3) Assessments and Quizzes: 40% of final grade. Expect 1 to 2 quizzes and 1 assessment per unit. An
assessment may be a formal written test, an oral exam, a presentation or a project.
Grading Scale:
93-100% = A, 90-92% = A-, 87-89% = B+, 83-86%= B, 80-82% = B-, 77-79% = C+,
73-76% = C, 70-72% = C-, 67-69 % = D+, 63-66% = D, 60-62% = D-, 59% and below = F
Office Hours: I am available Mondays thru Thursdays from 3 to 3:30 pm if you need extra help.
Classroom Expectations: Be an active participant in all class activities. Follow school rules. Operate by the Regla
Dorada: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Leave backpacks in your locker. Water bottles are
allowed, other food/drinks/candy are not. Electronic devices should not be used in class. If you need to leave the room
during the period, please take the sombrero pass. Stay in your desks during class discussions; wait until an appropriate
time to move around. Please leave at my dismissal, not the bell.
Academic integrity: Academic integrity is expected. Deviations from accepted academic behavior will be dealt with in
accordance with Minnesota State University, Mankato student policies and guidelines as outlined in your university
student handbook. See for Academic Policies & Procedures. See from the Student Handbook. Also see St Peter Student Handbook
In Case of an Absence: For every day missed, you have 1 day to make up the work. All missed assessments should be
made up during my office hours or other arranged time. Check missed work from a friend or from me after school.
Late Work: Homework and Classwork turned in late(after your class period on the day assigned) earns 50% of its
original value. Turn late work in the “Tarea Tarde” box on my desk and I’ll grade it when I have time.
Content Covered: Identidades Textbook Chapters 6 through 10.
For more information on High School concurrent enrollment courses with MNSU-Mankato, visit their website