PIE Board Work Session & PIE Board Meeting Minutes

PIE Board Work Session & PIE Board Meeting Minutes
October 20, 2009
Meeting held at 28721 Liberty Road, Sweet Home, OR 97386
Members Present: Lloyd Braunberger, Mary Northern, Marianne Doerfler, Jerry
Workman, Sherrie Ingram
Members Absent: Doug Miner
Meeting Opened at 6:02p.m.
Informational Items
a. The Board reviewed copies of
i. The Sweet Home Charter School Profit & Loss Statement for July
– Sept. 2009
ii. Sweet Home Charter School 3 year Operating Budget
iii. Creative Cubs Preschool Lease Agreement
Executive Session open at 6:10p.m.
a. ORS 192.660 (2)(a) – staff
Executive Session closed at 6:14p.m.
Informational / Discussion Items
a. Sand Ridge Charter School’s CD’s are coming due. Board consensus is to
move the funds to the Key Public Money Market Checking account.
b. The Board Finance Committee will review the Bank Reconciliation at the
1st Tuesday meeting of the month.
c. Medical Insurance premiums are increasing by 5%.
d. The Quilters Guild held their quilt show at S. Main Campus on Oct. 17th &
e. An Eagle Scout will be putting up fence at S. Main Campus for his Eagle
Executive Session open at 6:27p.m.
a. ORS 192.660 (2)(a) – staff
VII. Executive Session closed at 6:45p.m.
VIII. Meeting Adjourned for PIE meeting at 6:58p.m.
Meeting Open at 7:00p.m. by Mrs. Betts 2nd grade class leading the
Pledge of Allegiance.
Class Program – Mrs. Betts 2nd grade class recited the Amendments from
memory. An amazing performance!
School Happenings / Principal’s Report
a. Everything is going well.
b. Approximately 400 people attended the Open House
c. Field Trips are under way.
d. The annual Thanksgiving Feast is being organized.
e. Math Night will be Nov. 6th from 6:00p.m. – 7:30p.m.
XII. Sweet Home Advisory Council Report
a. The Summer garage sale netted $368.20.
b. The school will be putting together a Thanksgiving Basket for a needy
c. Melanie Jones will head up a Talent Show to be held February 19th. There
will be no admission, but there may be some concessions for sale.
d. The Fall Fundraiser will be a Cookie Dough Sale.
XIII. Action Items
a. On a motion made by Marianne, seconded by Jerry the Sept. 15th & Oct.
6th Minutes were approved. The motion passed unanimously.
b. On a motion made by Jerry, seconded by Marianne the Board approved
Sherrie Ingram as the Asbestos Designated Person for Sweet Home
Charter School. The motion passed unanimously.
c. On a vote by PIE Members the following people were elected to serve on
this year’s Sweet Home Advisory Council:
i. Jennifer Kennedy, Katrina Womack, Shawna Yunke, Kitsey
Trewin, Chantel Carr, Jennifer Chartrand, Lisa Kurtz, Mimi
XIV. Informational / Discussion Items
a. The Audit is done. The auditors were here two days in the spring, for a
“pre-audit,” and then one day last week.
b. The Quilt Show, that rented the S. Main campus, went well.
c. Christmas Tree Fund Raiser –
i. Lengthy discussion about how to organize and run. Information
will go out in the newsletter to get people to sign-up.
XV. Meeting Closed at 7:32p.m.
Sherrie Ingram
Recording Minutes
President – Doug Miner
Secretary – Sherrie N. Ingram