Bulletin Board

For this bulletin board:
1. You can cut Solo Cups to create a 3D Beer Pong Table or use the template included a print on red paper. You
will need 10 for each side of the table.
2. You will have to create the table using poster board, bulletin board paper, or by taping smaller pieces together.
3. Please keep in mind, the idea behind this bulletin board is to catch someone’s attention NOT to promote beer
pong. Always include the educational fact about the risks associated with drinking games (see below).
Avoid drinking games like beer pong
and flip cup. People tend to drink
faster when competing in these games.
Alternate between alcoholic drinks
non-alcoholic drinks.
Eat high-protein foods like cheeses and
meats, these will slow down the
absorption rate of alcohol.
Never leave a drink unattended.
Remember that alcohol is still the #1
date rape drug. People who drink
alcohol are more likely to be sexually
Know the signs and symptoms of
alcohol poisoning and never leave a
friend alone when he or she has had
too much to drink.