The Life of Pi – In-Class Essays Topics

The Life of Pi – In-Class Essay (assessed by the Grade
12 rubric)
Answer ONLY ONE of the following questions in essay form. Make
sure to:
brainstorm ideas first and plan an outline.
write in blue or black pen and double space.
give your essay a title – underline it.
have a clear thesis – make sure you refer to your thesis in
every body paragraph.
include at least three quotes to support your ideas – integrate
and include page number.
edit for clarity and mechanical errors.
1. Chapters 15 through 20 explore Pi's three religious conversions
(Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism.) What threads link his three
religious identities? What enables Pi to embrace all three, rather
than focusing on their differences?
2. What does Pi do to reduce the risks of malnutrition, dehydration,
and exposure while at sea? Is his survival mostly due to quick
thinking, luck, prayer, or courage? How is Pi able to undertake
so many gruesome actions?
3. Does this novel have a happy ending? How did you react to Pi's
interview by the Japanese transport ministers? How does the
grown-up version of Pi contrast with his little-boy scenes?
4. Is Pi a reliable narrator? What do you think really happened to Pi
and to the other members of the Patel family? Why don't Mr.
Okamoto and Mr. Chiba believe Pi's tale? If the book weren't
labeled "fiction," would you believe Pi's story?
5. Is The Life of Pi a tragedy, romance, or comedy? Is Pi a typical
literary hero or an anomaly (not typical)?
6. Choose any theme from the novel and explore it in depth please check with me first.