Group Essay Assignment

Group Essay Assignment:
The final class assignment is to combine your argument paper with two other students in
your group to create a new 500-700 word essay. You may assign group members to a
task; however, you will be given a grade on the quality of the essay as whole, not on your
individual contribution. Use the following questions to guide the development of this
1. Does each group member have a copy of all three essays?
2. Have you emailed your original paper to one palette workspace?
3. Does the paper include at least 150 words of original text from each
4. Has each group member contributed one supporting paragraph to the final
5. Have you revised your thesis statement to reflect the new supports?
6. Does the thesis align with your supporting paragraphs?
7. Have you revised your introduction to flow with the rest of the paper?
8. Have you rewritten the conclusion? Remember that the conclusion restates the
9. Is the voice and point of view consistent throughout the paper?
10. Are there grammar mistakes?
11. Is the font consistent throughout?