Abbey Hill Technology College

Abbey Hill Technology College
Lesson Plan: Week 9
Module: The Beatles
W/B: 20.3.06
Class: 6VL
Support: Gemma, Annie, Mike
Interactive whiteboard, sheet music, glockenspiels,
Learning Objectives:
-To understand the lives of The Beatles after they split.
-To perform songs.
-To read basic sheet music.
-To understand the term ‘ostinato’.
-Explain that today we are going to talk about what happened to The Beatles
after they spilt up in 1969. Ask the pupils if they know anything about the
bands’ lives after the split and talk about all of the paths they followed.
-Focus on Paul McCartney and his career after The Beatles. Display the
website on the interactive whiteboard.
Explain the history behind the song and the film, look at images from the
film and then listen to the song ‘We all stand together’ and watch the video
Main Activity:
-Explain to the class that I would like them to learn to play ‘We all stand
-Explain to LA that I would like them to play the ostinato to the song
(explaining the phrase and giving examples of this). Give the pupils the sheet
music for the ostinato and glockenspiels with only the relevant notes on.
-Explain to the MA that I would like them to read the sheet music to the
verse of the song and to play it on the glockenspiel.
-Ask the pupils to take it in turns to play the tune on their glockenspiel.
SNA role:
-Encourage all pupils to participate in the lesson. Support all of the pupils in
reading the sheet music and practicing the song.