Md - East West University

Md. Farhan Faruqui
23/A, Roy Ishwar Chandra Seal Bahadur Street, Imamgunj, Dhaka- 1211
Contact No: 02- 7314848, 0175-050502
Working in East West University as Lecturer, since Jan ‘06 till date. Courses taken
include MKT 410 (Consumer Behavior), MKT 414 (Marketing Research), MKT 201
(Marketing Management) and MKT 101 (Principles of Marketing).
Worked in BRAC University as Lecturer, since June ’05 till Jan ‘06. Also worked as
Coordinator, Biz Bee, BBA Club. Responsibilities include arranging seminars, inviting
business personalities to the seminars, arrange co- curricular activities for the students
such as debates, sports etc.
Worked in GrameenPhone Ltd as Officer, Distribution, June'02 till Feb'03. Reported to
the Head of Distribution. Responsibilities included arranging training or any other types of
events, coordinating with the development of design for unique profiling of its outlets and
other distribution activities.
MBA Program I.B.A., DU. Area of concentration - Finance.
BBA Program I. B.A., DU. Area of concentration- Marketing.
 Sayeed Alam, Farhan Faruqui, “Women Managers and Glass Ceiling in Dhaka: An
Empirical Investigation”, Fifteenth Annual South Dakota International Business
Conference, October 9-12, 2008, Northern State University, Rapid City, South Dakota,
USA, Proceedings, pp 13-19, ISBN: 13: 978-1-883120-02-3.
 Farhan Faruqui, M Sayeed Alam and Kohinoor Biswas , “Gender and Small Business:
Entrepreneurship Experiences from Women Entrepreneurs of Dhaka”, International
Conference on Statistical Sciences (ICSS) 2008, North South University, Bangladesh and
Carlton University, Canada, Proceedings, pp 377-381, ISBN: 984- 300 – 002873-0.
 M Sayeed Alam, Md. Farhan Faruqui, “Effect of sales promotion on consumer brand
preference: A case study of Laundry Detergent in Dhaka City Consumers”,
(Forthcoming), ASA University Review, ISSN 1997-6925.
 Kohinoor Biswas, M Sayeed Alam and Md. Farhan Faruqui, “Challenges in Women
Owned Small and Medium Sized Retail Business: A perspective of Globalization”,
Athenaeum ’09, Third International Conference on Management Research, 14-15
February, 2009, Centre for Contemporary Management Research and Bharathidasan
Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli, India
 Working as Moderator of Creative Marketing Club (CMC), 14 April 2006 till date. I have been
involved with different activities like seminars, workshops etc. Some of them are listed below:
 Arranged a workshop “Moving Minds to Move Market” in collaboration with Asiatic
Advertising Ltd, on 9th August 2008.
 Arranged a workshop “Marketing Research Problems and Approaches” in association
with AC Nielsen, on 25 September 2008.
 Arranged a seminar “Facing the Challenges for job interview” in association with
Eastern Bank Ltd, on 8th April 2008. Mr. Sirajul Islam, the Head of HR, EBL, attended
the seminar as Chief Guest.
 Arranged a seminar “Effective Communication through advertising” in association with
Mediacomm Advertising Agency, on 24 February 2008.
 Created a video documentary on East West University on the occasion of Foundation
Day, 2008.
 Arranged a Logo Competition on 19th February, 2008.
 Arranged a number of Marketing Case Presentations for the students of the Club
 Working as a member of the Management Committee, AUDC. Working with the Publicity
and Publication Committee.
 Working as Member, Sub- committee, Creative Design and Photography, for East West
University Convocation 2009.
Workable knowledge in MS Word, MS Excel & MS Power Point.
 Elementary knowledge of Fox-pro & MS Visual Basic, Version-6.0.
 Familiar with Internet software such as Netscape Communicator, MS Internet Explorer,
Eudora Pro etc.
Reading books, listening to music, keeping update with current affairs as well as watching and
playing cricket.
Date of Birth: 17th October 1980
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Bangladeshi