Second Nine-weeks Exam review

Kuczek-GHS-English II-2012
Where does the character spend her first
 How does she feel about her time there?
 What do we learn about her family members
from that experience?
 Looking back how does she feel about those
 What does the word hypocritical mean?
 How is the speaker hypocritical?
 Where does the speaker spend her teenage years
at Thanksgiving?
 What about her adult years?
 What do we learn from this selection?
 What
is a satire?
 What holiday does this story revolve around?
 Who are the Tomkeys?
 How are they Tomkeys different?
 Why does the narrator pity the neighbors?
 What do the Tomkeys do that is inexcusable?
 What does the narrator do with his candy?
 What does his behavior tell us?
 What
is an arranged marriage?
 What is the difference between an arranged
marriage and a love marriage?
 How is social life in the U.S.A. and India
 How does this contribute to arranged
marriages in the U.S.A.?
 Are all arranged marriages forced?
 What
is Lake’s argument in this letter?
 To whom is the letter written? How do they
view WindWolf?
 What are ethos, pathos and logos?
 What concession/refutation does Lake make?
 What are some facts that Lake uses to prove
his point?
 How does WindWolf change through this
 What is Lake’s call-to-action?
 Internal
 External Conflict
 Theme
 Imagery
 Tone
 Analogy
 Diction
 Repetition
 Stanza
 Connotation
day: Next Class-December 6th
 B day: Next Class-December 5th
 Know
the answers to these questions and you
will be doing well
 The
essay is worth a large chunk of your test
grade. We are going to start it during this
class period. If you finish it during this class
then that is one less thing you have to do on
the test. There will be no talking. This is a
testing environment. You may ask for help!
 Let’s open our Spring Board books to…