Technical drawings done the IB way - IB-Biology

Technical drawings done the IB way
Command terms used
1. Draw:
Represent by means of pencil lines.
2. Label:
Add labels to a diagram.
2. Annotate: Add brief notes to a diagram or graph.
2. Calculate: Find a numerical answer showing the relevant stages in the working.
3. Sketch:
Represent by means of a graph showing a line and labeled but un-scaled axes
but with important features (for example, intercept) clearly indicated.
IB Pickiness
1. Neatness counts – extremely.
2. Arrows on micrographs must be extremely close (.1 mm) to be accurate.
3. An unclosed circle is not a circle, so you don’t get the mark for that part of the drawing.
4. Labels must be clear.
5. Notes/explanations must be clear and concise and linked correctly to the diagram.
6. Error bars can be range or standard deviations, unless specified.
1. For the following structures, choose 3 drawings to do from the options below: Then use each
command terms once: draw, label, or annotate.
a. E. coli bacteria
b. Amoeba protozoan
c. Chlamydomonas algae
d. Elodea leaf
e. Homo cheek cell
f. General plant cell
g. General animal cell
2. For the following electron micrographs
a. Annotate relevant structures
b. Calculate size of two structures (you choose)
10 nm
× 90 000
3. Sketch the following data sets on one graph: