Your Money Borrowing

Your Money – Save it, Spend it, Protect it
For Students
Using the following website, answer the following questions about credit:
Select: I am a student
Select: Learn More
Section 4: Borrowing
1. Why do people borrow money?
2. Identify TWO types of credit and an advantage and disadvantage of each
3. What are the THREE borrowing tips listed?
4. What are the “10 Tips to Beat Debt”? at new site now called “How to
Beat that Debt”
Section 5: Your Credit Profile
1. What are the Do’s and Don’ts to build a positive credit profile?
2. Explain what a credit score is.
3. What are the FIVE tips are to “Take Control of Your Debt”
4. Play the game “Bad Credit Hotel” and see if you can unlock the bonus
information in Room 850, in the hotel.