KAHPERD The First 9 Weeksx

Student Teaching
0 Cedar Hills Elementary (Blue Valley)
0 Chisholm Trail Middle School (Olathe)
0 Go the extra mile!
Job Search and Interviewing
0 When to Start Looking
0 Where do I look?
0 Resume Tips
0 Tips from a Principal…
0 Social Media
What Comes Next?
Keeping In Contact
0 Talk with co-
workers, HR, any
one you can during
the summer before
you teach!
Summer Planning
0 Get with your
partner and start
working ahead!
First Day of School
0 Classroom Expectations
0 Making an Impression
0 Make a positive
0 Firm, but Fair
What Works For Us
0 Make Up Worksheets
0 Find an article
0 1 week to turn in for full
0 2 weeks for half credit
0 P.O.W.E.R. Principle
0 P:Prepared
0 O:On Task
0 W: Well-Being
0 E: Empathy
0 R: Responsible
Parents and Communication
0 Think first, type later
0 Follow-up
0 Have someone sit in on phone calls.
0 Remember, first and foremost your priority is the
The Little Things
0 As an educator, you are now part of a team.
Help each other out!
0 Your new BFF’s: The Janitor (s), The Secretary,
and the Nurse!
Last Minute Tips
0 Be Organized!!
0 Be Confident!
0 Stay Healthy
0 If you ever have questions or want to come see us in
Gardner you are more than welcome!
0 E-mail: nelson@usd231.com