9 5 Strategy:

Strategy: Make 10
Appropriate Grade Level: K-2
Used when doing an addition problem that has a number close to 10
Child makes the number 10 by borrowing from the other number
EX: 9 + 5 Child borrows 1 from 5 and adds it onto 9
Making 9 + 1 become 10 and 5 - 1 become 4
The new addition problem is now 10 + 4
New Problem:
Comments and/or tips:
Children can add easier using the number 10 as their first number
Make sure the child is subtracting the number from the number not closest to 10
Make sure when they are borrowing the number and adding it, they are adding it
onto the closest number to 10
Strategy can be varied for more advanced student by borrowing to make the
number 20 if the addition problem has higher numbers
Leutzinger, L. P. (1999). Developing thinking strategies for addition facts. Teaching
children mathematics, 6, 14-18.