Chen LinLin Christmas

Lesson Plan
TCLP teacher’s name: Chen Linlin
Grade level: 8
Language level: Introductory Title: Christmas in Chinese
Step 1—Desired Results
Lesson goals
What should students know, understand, and be able to do as a result of the lesson?
Students will be able to know:
1. How Chinese people celebrate Christmas Festival
2. Express the way to celebrate Christmas in Chinese
3. write Christmas card in Chinese
4. Sing Jingle Bell in Chinese
Essential Questions
What leading questions can you ask of students to get them to understand the Big Ideas?
How do Chinese people say the Christmas-related items and phrases?
How do Chinese people celebrate Christmas?
Lesson Objectives
Identify General Learner Outcome (GLO)
Students will be able to: review to count the Chinese number beyond 10
1. produce a Chinese advent calendar
2. learn some Chinese Christmas-related vocabulary
3. design Christmas card in Chinese
4. sing the song “Jingle Bells” in Chinese
Step 2—Assessment Evidence
Performance task — What will students do to show what they have learned?
Performance criteria — How good is good enough to meet standards?
Students should be able to
1. use Chinese numbers better by producing a Christmas advent calendar in Chinese.
2. say and write Christmas-related Chinese at the end of the class
3. design a Christmas card in Chinese
4. sing a Christmas song in Chinese
Step 3—Learning Plan
Materials needed
White board
flash cards
colorful papers colorful pens or crayons
Learning activities
Step by step instructions from start to finish (including amount of minutes needed per activity), and detailed
enough for another teacher to follow. What teaching methods/activities will you be using?
1. Duty Report
Revision of numbers by inviting a student come to the front to report the date, day and time now.
2. Revision
Use gestures to help students to review counting the Chinese numbers from 1 to 30.
3. Advent Calendar of my own
Make an Advent Calendar using Chinese numbers.
4. New vocabulary learning
Use flash cards and computer power point to learn some Christmas-related vocabulary
Play the game of fly swatter to review the vocabulary that has been learned
5. Christmas Card in Chinese
Design Christmas card and write greetings in Chinese
6. Christmas song in Chinese
Sing “Jingle Bells” in Chinese
7. Revision
What we have learned today?
Step 4—Reflection
What happened during my lesson? What did my students learn? How do I know?
What did I learn? How will I improve my lesson next time?
Students were so excited to have the class like this: they can design their own advent calendar and play games
while learning the vocabulary during the Christmas season they are looking forward to. They were so crazy about
singing the Chinese Christmas song in class and they loved it so badly! I had a great sense of success today
being a Chinese teacher here in the States!!!
Next time, I will design more activities in class for students to make things by themselves. I learned when I was in
Chinese about the theory “learning y doing”. Here I understand it much better than ever before.
Plus, I think whenever students have learned something, it is a good idea to use what they have got in making
something that they are interested.
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