Pedagogical License Submission 2009
For Year 10, ITS, online course (IT ESSENTIALS v4.0)
How this task was developed
I was trained over 3 days at the USC and became qualified as a
CISCO instructor. We create accounts for Year 10 students. The
CISCO IT ESSENTIALS course is a World class online course and it s
recognised internationally.
 this item was implemented in 2008 and we are currently on
our second cohort
 Why this is in my portfolio (what does it demonstrate?)
This item is in my portfolio because I believe it represents a
significant achievement. Not many students in Queensland have
access to such high quality IT instructional material. Successful
students will have an internationally recognised qualification.
For the teacher the course is very easy to administer and use.
Evidence for this item included in portfolio
I have attached some print screen following my login
 Task description. The students work through 16 units over
one Semester. There are built in activities, both written and
practical. Students can take short quizzes to gauge their
understanding. Multiple choice exams are scored online and a
grade book is built up
Curriculum links (Part of Year 10 ITS)
Central focus of the student learning (students gain a deep
understanding of how PCs, computer peripherals and
operating systems function)
The teacher runs short theory and practical sessions to
supplement the online coursework. The whole course is
student centred. Students can complete this course at
anytime since there is access 24-7
How this task was assessed
By 16 end of unit exams scored online
Item 2 description by Mr H J Graham BSc PGCE
Skills you developed by doing this task
I needed to work through the administrator version of the same
course. This involved 3 intensive days at the ICT Centre Sunshine
Why this task was worth doing
This is the best course of its kind
Further reflection or other information.
Item 2 description by Mr H J Graham BSc PGCE